Take Back The Beers! is a punk rock band, formed in Koiwa, Tokyo in 2007. Vocalist/drummer Shiro and guitarist Non-non are original founding and longest-serving members of the band, who have appeared on every release of the band. Hisawo joined the band in 2008 to play bass, and Takuma joined the band in 2014 to play lead guitar, rounding out the current line-up.

The band were most influenced by California's punk music and skateboarding culture. We compose the music we want to listen to, design the clothes we want to wear, and drink our favorite beer while wearing and playing them.


  • Non-non: Guitar & vocals
  • Hisawo: Bass & vocals
  • Shiro: Drums & lead vocals
  • Takuma: Guitar & vocals


  • Endo ratt: Guitar (Aug.2008 - Feb.2014)
  • Kitora: Guitar (May.2007 - Jun.2008)
  • Sow: Vocal & bass (May.2007 - Jun.2008)


Early years (2007–2008)

In May 2007, the band were formed by Shiro, Non-non, Sow and Kitora. We played debut show and released the first demo “For Our Friends” in August. This is the beginning of the activities that continue to this day.

In June of following year, Sow and Kitora will leave the band. After that, Hisawo and Endo Ratt was joined the band and
Shiro began vocals and released the 2nd demo “Filled With Lies” and 3rd demo “Obsolete Two Songs”. This lineup hasn’t changed for five years until 2014.

Invisible Hand (2009-2013)

In April 2010, the band released its first studio album, “Invisible Hand”. And during these years, the band played in many tour, planned many events and played with many artists from overseas. For example, TEENAGE BOTTLE ROCKET, MAD CADDIES, USELESS ID, H20, LEATHERFACE, TITLE FIGHT, THE REAL DEAL, SUCH GOLD and Authority Zero.

Flaming Wreckage (2014-2019)

In February 2014, Endo Ratt left the band, and Takuma joined the group, in same time. It’s same day, same show and same song. So they changed in the middle of song. Takuma wrote many songs soon after joined, and the band were released the first recording by current members, “Flaming Wreckage EP”. And the band played with overseas artists, NO FUN AT ALL, Belvedere, F.O.D, NERDLINGER, DARKO, ALMEDIA, LOCAL RESIDENT FAILURE, X-STATE RIDE, ATLANTIC, WASEI HEY! GO!, SPOILERS, PANIC QT’s and others.

And now (2020-)

I never thought it would come to this. We haven’t played show this year yet. Instead, we are in the middle of making our next album, it will probably be full length. We’re very frustrated right now, maybe you too. Our next album will blow away our frustration!